Decentralized payment protocol.

Our app eliminates the on-chain link between the recipient and destination address, utilizing
a smart contract that accepts deposits which can be withdrawn to an address with no additional gas fee.

Zero knowledge proof.

Smart contract liquidity pools.

Anonymity of transactions.


Why choose us?

A step towards anonymity.

Privatize your on-chain activities, it's a blockchain right.


Utilise our app in order to privatize your on-chain activities, it's a blockchain right.


Stake your $VOID in order to earn passive rewards from our mixer, the earlier the better.

Governance (DAO)

Participate with other $VOID holders, make proposals and vote on future plans.

Visa Off-Ramp

We'll be providing an off-ramp for users to convert their crypto into fiat, allowing them to spend it online and in-store at accepted retailers.

Anonymous DEX

Users will be able to swap their favourite ERC20 tokens with the option to remain completely anonymous on-chain.

Cross-Chain Bridge

With the addition of our AnonBridge, users will be able to anonymously bridge their tokens across numerous chains (ETH, ARB, BSC firstly).


Privatize your on-chain activity.

If you weren't already aware; your entire transaction history, including token balances and more are public on the blockchain. Anyone who desires can view your every move, from incoming and outgoing payments; trace the source of your funds and more.
What if you didn't want all of this and more viewable by the public? It doesn't need to be for nefarous reason, you might just value your privacy like many of us. We provide a completely decentralized payment protocol, allowing users to deposit and withdraw funds anonymously, protecting your identity whilst masking your blockchain activites, for whatever reason that may be.


Stake your $VOID and passively earn ETH rewards.

  • Stake your $VOID and claim rewards generated from the fees of our utilities.
  • Rewards are accumulated from our mixing fees, where two thirds are currently being distributed to $VOID stakers.
  • Our staking formula rewards early stakers by distributing rewards at a constant rate which can later be exchanged for ETH, relative to their staked amount.


The anonymity token.

Tokenomics of $VOID described in brief


  • Total supply of 1,500,000 $VOID
  • Fee of 2% on buys and 2% on sells

  • 2% tax on $VOID purchases.
  • 0% fees when transferring $VOID tokens between wallets

  • 2% automatically added to our deployer wallet.
  • will be used towards liquidity, development and marketing costs.